Answering GSM Calls, you are asked for what you have, instead of describing it for hours, you send a Text with your website address. $35 gives you a website with the name you choose as the full address; that is:- etc. Cheapest personalized website.


Conception & Creativity




Ask us to design your website as you like. Trade here, See Innovations & Existence here, Sell your Idea here!


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Develop your Website etc. Website helps you save!

I Domain Name I Website Designing I Email & Fax I Hosting I Management I Register Phone I Phone Directory I

 Get the USA election 2008 etc. and world Market Crisis 2008-2010, in pictures from NTA, CNN & other Media Houses.
Domain Name

Your Website needs a name on the Internet. See cost

Website Development & Designing

What you want other people to know about you or your company that they are always asking you about is placed on the internet for the public to view and go through without you calling and explaining everything to all your customers every moment.


Website Design with Free Domain Name, Website Space (hosting) and Emails:

Website Designing and Hosting:
15 files 5gb ≡ 5-20 emails
75 files 10gb ≡ 20-100 emails
150 files 20gb ≡ 100-200 emails

230 files 30gb ≡ unlimited emails
350 to 500 files 50gb ≡ unlimited emails
750 to 1,500 files 100gb ≡ unlimited emails
3,000 to 9,000 files 200gb ≡ unlimited emails, e-commerce
10,000 to 20,000 files 500gb ≡ unlimited emails, e-commerce & database
etc. additional features are added as the size gets bigger.

(Files are pictures and texts you have.

The pictures must be less than the text: that is ľ pictures to ĺ texts.) See cost.


E-mail & E-fax

An electronic method of receiving and sending messages. See cost

E-mail: receiving messages through an e-mail account. 

E-fax: receiving faxes through an e-mail account.

Web Hosting

This is where your website is uploaded to that runs 24 hourly. The Cost of this is combined here with Web Designing. See cost

Web Management

How do you run, maintain and control your site? See cost


Order SAVE Niger Delta Tag to wear.

(Size: 1 Inch by 1 Inch)

Bakasi Peninsula is the main problem of the Nationís security, export and fishing.

Oil is where others look at yet it is the least problem. Niger Delta proper is polluted.

We should reserve oil that is not reproduced at the rate of consumption for future use.

N50 each

Order SAVE Northern Desert Tag Tag to wear.

(Size: 1 Inch by 1 Inch)

The Desert encroachment into Northern Nigeria

If not checked would chase us out.

There is a lot of land for farming.

Farming and Irrigation would stop the desert.

Trees have to be planted and more irrigation mechanisms.

N50 each



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Eradicating Malaria
Ask Ikpala Estates Hotel for your Hotel Reservation.
Tell the Central Clinic of your medical problems.
Go to Offoboche Hospital for your medical Treatment.
Advert Space!

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Since 1987 on IT & Trade.

Existence-ok [was O≤, Ok]
We've been in Technology; from Printing, Photocopy, Satellite Dish, Computer, Internet, to Website Development and now Nanotechnology.

Metaphysics @ Ph.D
Info Sys @ D.Sc

Website Development for you, from $40. Literary Work on Existence, on Politics and Banking.

Products for Sale.

Existence Omniversity
Work Experience and Skill Training.

Fellows of ICT. Management


Getting Existence Who's Who Awards & Prize for Inventors & ICT Discipline.


Event Organization


Investors required to bring in Industry for Technology & farm, we the Royals have large large lands for it that our names can be verified.


Order or Ask for Latest Innovative ICT Gadgets.


Properties: verified Houses for sale or rent, verified Land for sale, verified Estates for sale in Abuja; Contact Us.


Ask us to export your foodstuffs.

Food: Fish @ cheap rate since we produce them, complete mixed salad with all vegetables & proteins; & moi moi made with palm oil.


Ask us to for Grinding Machines.


Contact Us for Petroleum products sales.


Ask us for Consultation or Retainer-ship in Info Tech. or for Contracts in Printing.


Julie's Formula


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Pay for advert as you like

You get 10% of every advert you bring from another person or co. & give us to do for them & place.


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