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Bio-diesel and Bio-petrol

  • Bio-diesel is made from old cooking oil.
  • Bio-petrol is made from finely distilled alcohol.
  • Bio-gas is easily made from gas.
  • Bio-electrolyte is made from cashew nut fluid.

Existence-ok Industries makes and sells this products that are best for your vehicles, Bio fuel is environment friendly and is easily combustible in vehicles; it is better than fuel from under the ground or drilled and refined fuel which is more expensive because of the cost of production.

Nigeria should get into the market and production of Bio-fuel and take Bio-fuel seriously because, it would save the country so much on refining fuel and waste off the fuel reserves, fuel  is harmful to the environment; the Carbon Monoxide produced from the bi-products of fuel consumption.

Thank you.

Nature is played by the atmosphere we must save it or we may make it a weapon of destruction.

Bio-fuel is Bio-diesel, Bio-petrol, Bio-gas, Bio-electrolyte etc.

Vote for Bio-fuel or Fuel


We suggest that the world should take Bio-fuel seriously.

Here you can vote via text to Existence-ok Industries to inform the world on what is best either Bio-fuel or Natural fuel.

The number to Text to is 0805 732 6941 within Nigeria, or internationally add the Country code.

or via email to

Please vote now:- your Number and Name and Suggestions; Text: Bio-fuel or Fuel.

Your suggestions will make the world a better place.


Thank you.


Use fuel you can make and enjoy in case drilled fuel reserves is empty; the demand for fuel is draining the reserves under ground and depleting the ozone layer.


Your Suggestions may pollute the atmosphere or repair it.

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